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Awards María Potosi

Groundwork Coffee rewards the efforts of our farmers

08 June of 2017

yesterday Maria spent sweating harvesting coffee to sweat with joy receiving awards for the quality of their work. Jeff Chean, director of Groundwork Coffee, by means of a certificate, a letter and a bonus wanted to express gratitude and admiration to this caucana for the excellent quality of the organic coffee produced by.

said in the letter that he wrote with his own clients enjoyed their coffee and it sold it quickly. Chean hopes that she will be a symbol for growers who are not yet certified and have the opportunity to visit Colombia very soon to meet her.

maria recalls since I was 9 years passing long time on coffee plantations with his father: "I became fanatic to take coffee and I will not do". For her it is not business out of the farm or the coffee because that is the best company that may exist and that holds families together. Their granddaughters is already getting them into the story, "If children see it one judicious in the field and that's going well surely will return!"

loves to train constantly, listening to romantic music, make a good stew of chicken and work with and for their community. Us is proud to know that she is a partner of the cooperative and the Association of women areas of Cauca (AMUCC) because to do their job with so much love and effort left high to the farmers of the region and the country. Did a technician to improve the quality of its coffee and feels lucky to have the support of your spouse in every project undertaken.

move from producing conventional coffee to organic is no easy task: "afraid because many people says that coffee not Scarlet but science has come a long way and there are special fertilizers, they are more expensive but also looks the" profitability in the Pocket". It recognizes that it is a process long and patience but loves to know step contributing to the conservation of the environment. Has already been 4 years producing organic coffee, their crops have not bit, is faring very well in sales, receives price premiums and some fertilizers.

María Potosí leave this message to families coffee-growing: "I I would ask to be understood and train and then yes begin with the rest, which will surely do very well. We must work together hand and family".